The Dishes

The Dishes

The Dishes

The dishes and menus of the Osteria are born in a climate of perfect balance between innovation and tradition combined with a remarkable choice from a  winecellar rich in discoveries and grand classics.

Land Dishes

Sea Dishes


(Italiano) Pesce bianco guazzettato EN

Baked turbot with potatoes, tomatoes, clams and mussels
It is our habit to cook white fish to softness, together with seafood, cherrytomatoes and potatoes.


Stoccafisso alla pisana
Tipico piatto pisano alleggerito dalla nostra esperienza. Lo Stoccafisso viene servito in umido con le Patate



(Italiano) La Ribollita dell’Osteria EN

Ribollita of the Osteria (typical soup)
Our version of this dish, basic in the ancient Tuscan cooking tradition

Insalata Ricca EN

Rich Salad
Not only vegetables. A simple plate of fresh salad and carrots always accompanied by cheese and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil quality.


(Italiano) La Scamorza al forno con Verdure grigliate EN

Oven cooked Scamorza cheese and grilled vegetables
The combination of molten Scamorza cheese and the taste of grilled vegetables is remarkable. The most classical of our vegetable dishes